5 amazing tips for students


5 amazing tips for students


Congratulations to you once again on your admission into the University. You have made people around you proud including your parents. You should be discouraged if the course you applied for is not the one you are studying,  well it is all good.

Getting admission into the University this days is really challenging which requires put in efforts, patience and prayer. You have to Pass Wassce, then Jamb and post Utme. Some of you get into the University with a confused state of mind on what you really need to learn apart for the academics. Remember there are different kinds of influence you will find on your way in.

Here are the 5 amazing tips for an undergraduate student to consider while in the tertiary university.

Soft skills for undergraduate

1. Making a balance on your soft skills, which include  social skills, communication abilities, language skills, personal habits, cognitive or emotional empathy, time management, teamwork and leadership traits. To develop these, you should improve on how you use your body language, interpreting other people body language, how to communicate and listen to people and also the leadership skills.


Digital skills for undergraduate

2. Learning digital skills such as digital Marketing (which include social media Marketing, search engine Marketing, content Marketing,  analytics, email Marketing, mobile Marketing), application development, programming  and coding . There are different platform which you can learn for free, courses are  provided on  Udemy, Google digital skills for Africa,  Google cloud etc.


Dressing tips

3. Dressing well, it is important to dress well depending the occasion. There is an adage that says ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’.  It is not necessarily mean you should always use all your saving in buying clothes but keeping the ones you have clean and neat.

Reading is important 8

4. Reading is important,  obviously it is important for you to read to earn good grades. It does not stop there,  this will help improve in writing and listening  skills.  You could focus your reading on novels, articles and blog post of related interest,  poems, newsletter etc.



5. Volunteering to meet people,  most programs in the University give you a lot of chance in developing your social skills. Though We meet new people everyday, but volunteering help you meet people with common interests.


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