The 2016 West African Power Industry Convention Is Holding In Lagos This November


This year’s West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) is taking place in Lagos from November 23 to 24 at the Eko Hotel and Suites.

WAPIC is a regional conference and exhibition that brings together professionals, experts, exhibitors, delegates and visitors in the power sector creating opportunities for networking, meetings and business opportunities. This 13th edition aims to cover these and more during the two-day convention.

This year’s edition will feature the Innovation Hub, an opportunity for innovators, startups and Small and Medium Enterprises in the power industry to showcase their inventions, solutions and power solving technologies to industry stakeholders. The convention will also feature the third edition of the West African Power Industry Awards to celebrate industry pioneers and projects.

Yolisa Nkoya, the WAPIC Innovation Hub programme director, says “we invite the brightest minds in Nigeria and the region to share their ideas and solutions with the power industry and investors at WAPIC who will help them take their projects to the next level and out into the world where they can make a real difference.”

The Innovation Hub will focus on specific, identified problem sets in the power sector where innovation and new technologies can make a difference. These problem sets include using applications and technology for increased revenue collection, winning the consumer market, rethinking supply chain management and innovation for renewable energy.

Interested SMEs, startups and innovators can apply here.


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