Photos: 100-year-old school on Idanre Hills

During a recent visit to Idanre Hills resort in Ondo state, also discovered a primary school which was built on the mountain over 100 years ago.
The tour guide, who conducted our correspondents round the facilities there, explained how the Idanre hill primary school was attended by children of the villagers since its construction in 1896.
He also stated that the school, which has been replicated in the new Idanre town (like every other feature on the hills), was brought into the city by the white missionaries who settled in the community many years ago.
As the time of visit, there were many autographs on the building to signify that a lot of institutions and individuals had come visiting, this, our correspondents gathered, did not change the strength of the primary school as it remained firm on the ground.
The windows, made of planks, looked as strong as ever, and the local bricks used for the construction of the school were still strong as if they had just been recently maintained.
Below are photos of the school:
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