New Digital Skills Google platform offer free training in Africa


As part of Google’s Digital Skills for Africa program, the organization launched a new online training portal to commemorate its 50% completion mark equivalent to reaching more than 500,000 people. Until now, the training has taken place in person, for this reason the creation of an online portal is intended to amplify the availability of the course from the distance.
The site, contains 89 online free courses related to different topics that include online analytics, social media marketing and online advertisement. Although there are still regions in the continent without access to online resources, it is expected that digital skills training could lead to economic growth in some African regions

The Internet continues to be a key engine of growth for business in Africa and globally, with estimates putting its total contribution at $300 billion within the coming decade. Although Africa’s online population, which currently stands at 340 million, is estimated to have grown by a rate of over 7,000 per cent since the year 2000, the continent is yet to enjoy a corresponding increase in the size of its web economy


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