Google finally picks a name for the android N


You must have heard by now, that Google announced some days ago that the latest version of Android, Android N, will be called Nougat. back in may we were asked to submit our suggestions for a befitting N name, but come to think i’m quite sure they never took a look at the results. With the new name chosen one can assume that some ‘under g’ aka ojoro has been done. frankly speaking its hard to see how nougat had more votes than Nutella, but from a sincere perspective one can simply say  Nutella refused to give Google permission to use their name.
Nkwobi would have been a suitable name for the android N, it would have been nice to see a Nigerian delicacy in a global perspective, and besides wouldn’t it be nice seeing westerners struggling  to pronounce Nkwobi. But…it’s not a big deal, besides Android users won’t get the update until 2018, when other iterations have been rolled.


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