Daucus carota.


Forget being a rabbit and practice the tzedakah of giving out some carrots to visually impaired this . Try snacking on 4 or more carrots a day, it helps a lot especially  the eyes.
Daucus carota, popularly known as carrot is a root vegetable that help in nourishing  the body, it is usually used in fruit or carrot salads, making juice or carrot soup.It belong to the family Apiaceae. Gosh! carrot soup is really delicious. Carrot itself contain natural sugars which brings out sweetness and provides energy.
The name ‘carrot’ is from  a Greek word ‘karoton‘ which is named from carotene. It has crunchy taste and very sweet, it ranges from yellow, purple, white,red to green in which orange is the most common color found in Nigeria other colors are found worldwide.
Benefits of carrot

  • Taking a lot of carrots reduce high cholesterol level which may not lead to heart diseases or stroke.It is a rich source of potassium that reduces tension in blood arteries and vein thereby decreasing high blood pressure which may cause atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.
  • It provides vitamin A also called retinol which helps in improving your sight and antioxidants for the skin. It contain other vitamins like vitamin C, B1,B2 ,B6,K and minerals like potassium,calcium, sodium,iron,selenium and others
  • Heard of carrot face mask, carrot mixed with honey, olive oil and lemon helps in protecting and making it healthier.
  • It is rich in falcarinol which helps in destroying cancer cells undergoing growth. It reduces cancer from growing.

Effects of carrots.

  • Taking too much of carrots cause our skin to be yellow due to high level of beta-carotene.This condition is called carotenosis, which makes the skin to be yellow or orange.This can also cause lung cancer for chain smokers.



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