Boko Haram in new video says 'No negotiations, No surrender'


 Barely one week after the Boko Haram terrorists came out with a controver­sial video purportedly surrender­ing to the Federal Government, the terrorists have said they have no intention to lay down their arms.

The insurgents released a new video yesterday denying any sug­gestions it would surrender, after their ghostly leader, Abubakar Shekau looking feeble and crest­fallen, appeared in a video shoot.

The terrorists after a long spell of silence which triggered specu­lations that the group was indeed dead, released an unverified video late last month and said his time in charge of the Nigerian jihadist group may have come to an end.

The video elicited specula­tion from the military prosecut­ing the terrorism war that the Is­lamist group was on the brink of extinction following sustained military counter-insurgency.
The latest video saw the ter­rorists insisting that it was a po­tent fighting force, with fighters posing with AK-47s in front of Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks and a lorry mounted with a military cannon.

In the video posted on You­Tube, an unidentified masked man wearing camouflage said in a prepared script in Hausa, “You should know that there is no truce, there is no negotiations, there is no surrender. This war between us will not stop.”

The video, which was an improvement on the last one in which Shekau spoke and in­cluded Arabic subtitles, featured nine masked Boko Haram fight­ers standing on sandy ground in an undisclosed desert location.

The masked man who spoke in the video said Shekau was still the head of the “West African wing”, and likened Boko Har­am to the Islamist insurgencies in Iraq, Libya and Syria.
It could not be confirmed whether the masked people in the video include the Boko Har­am leader.

An estimated 20,000 peo­ple have been killed since Boko Haram began its campaign of violence in 2009 to carve out a hardline Islamic state in north­east Nigeria with more than 2.6 million people fleeing their homes.


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