Bariga DPO writes petition against Ilaje sand sellers in Bariga

Since last week of January of this year, the sand sellers in Ilaje Bariga have not been allowed to work.

Properties worth millions of naira is rotting away because they are not used. The DPO of Ilaje police station was alleged to be the one writing petition against the sand sellers, citing ‘area boys’ within the place as reasons.

There is a rumour in hushed tones that the DPO wanted kickback from the sand sellers; failure to comply, hence the petition. If truly there are ‘area boys’ there, what’s stopping him from arresting them (area boys) instead of writing petition against innocent and registered business people. This is tantamount to throwing away the baby with the bath water.

Presently, there’s hunger in Nigeria. People are suffering, recession is here. Working class people are complaining not to mention people stopped from working.

I’m a graduate but I’ve got no job, yet. My parents sent me to school by selling sand. Its this same sand business I’m doing to keep mind, body and soul together in this period of economic doldrums. Now work has been stopped  for nine months. To feed is now becoming a problem. I’d sold my tv and my faulty generator to have some money to survive with. Majority of people in this business are old and middle aged women, few young men and elderly men. Whatever the problem is, concerned authorities should help us solve it and let work resume, abeg o. I only have #5200 with me, both home and away.
Please, help post this on your blog to attract the right authorities that will help. Attached are pictures of boats used to bring sand from the lagoon. As you can see, some are damaging away from not being used. Please abeg


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