7 beautiful zoos in the world to visit


Thinking of a place to go to in the new year. Going to the zoo is surely one of best places to go. A zoo is a place that animals are kept for the purpose  of  display. The animals are also used for research and conservation  of dangerous species

The zoo found around the world contain a variety of animal species ranging form the smallest animals to the tallest animals including the rare and endangered species.

Before embarking on that journey, you need to know the location of the zoo, when to book a ticket and the hotels to looking out for.

Here is the best zoos found in the world
1. Bronx zoological Garden

7 beautiful zoos in the world

is one of America’s largest zoo, located at 2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx Park, Bronx, New York, 10460 U.S.It occupies 265acres of land with over 600 species of animals. It has explicit attractions like Aquatic Bird, Tiger Mountain, World of Bird, World of Reptiles, Bug Carousel, Butterfly Garden, Congo Gorilla and so on that are found stimulating.Purchase of ticket for

Adult is $16
$14 for seniors

2. Singapore zoo

is a world’s largest rainforest zoo located at Singapore occupying 69 acres of land containing over 320 species. It has a serene attraction contain a nice collection of animals. Ticket are brought online through their website
Adult: S$35
Child: S$23

3. Dublin zoo

Dublin zooo is a popular family zoo in Ireland that is for all age, it is full of fun of zest and adventure. It is located at the Phoenix Park of Dublin city, Ireland. It has 69 acres with major exhibit like African plains, Kaziranga forms Trail, World of Cats, World of primates e. t. c

Ticket are purchased online at the rate of
Adult €18.00
Child  €13.50
Child under 3 Free
Senior Citizens€14.00

4. London zoo

London zoois the world ‘s oldest zoo with the over 700 species located at Regent’ s park United kingdom . It is a great place to explore with about eight exhibits like Gorilla Kingdom, Animal Adventure, Blackburn Pavilion, Clore Rainforest Lookout, Into Africa, Tiger territory, Land of the Lions and Penguin Beach.
Ticket are usually purchased at the gate or online at the cost
Adult £27.00-£30.00
Children (3-15 years) £17.55-£19.50
Children under 3 years is free
Concession – 65+, student & adult visitor with a disability (free entry for essential carer)£24.30-£27.00

5. Beijing zoo

San Diego Zoo  is located in China, regarded as China’s biggest zoo with a high number of species of over 950.The zoo has an area of 220 acres, including lakes and ponds. It has animals like giant pandas, red panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, South China tiger, white-lipped deer, Pere David’s deer, crested ibis, Chinese alligator, and Chinese giant salamander.

6. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park

San Diego Zoo is one of the largest zoo in San Diego, California. It has about 1,800 acres of land consisting a wide collection of wild and endangered species. The park has one of the best veterinary hospital in the world with best facilities.

Major exhibits found in this zoo are African Plains, African Outpost, African Woods, Asian Savanna, Condor Ridge, Elephant Valley, Gorilla Forest, Hidden Jungle, Lion Camp, Nairobi Village, Tiger Territory.

7.Wrocław Zoological garden

Wroclaw zoois the most visited zoo in Poland because of its large number of animals present in the zoo making it the third largest zoo in the world.. It is the oldest and the largest zoo in Poland, opened in 19 century. The zoo has about 82 acres.

regular  Group  Ticket  minimum 15per.
concession  Group  Ticket  minimum 10per


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